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    1)RN, BSN.
    2)12 years.
    3)Coastal NC.
    5)No. They are too expensive. I know single parents who have uninsured children in order to put food on the table.
    6)12 hour dayshift. Three days a week. I love working this shift.
    7)My supervisor is wonderful. She is very staff oriented. She is always on our side fighting for us.
    8)No. I do not trust my employer. They are only after the almighty dollar.
    9)We have a good education department.
    10)Love it!!
    11)No. I do work 20-30 hours of overtime a week (on my own).
    12)I have no clue what the work break means.
    14)All but Christmas and Memorial Day.
    15)All for the idea of unions. Just don't know how to get one interested in us.
    16)I would try anything.