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    I am an LPN in an acute care hospital. I have the same responsibilities and the same teams as the Rn. The only thing I don't do is iv pushes. There are routinely me and two or three RNS on the floor for up to 40 patients on a medical floor. WE are lucky if we get to pee once in our 12 hour shift, much less sit down for 30 minutes. In two years I think I have had 3 or 4 real sit down lunch breaks, and when I came back from that, my team was in a mess. It sounds sick, but sometimes it's a break to take a stool or sputum to the lab or pick up a unit of blood from the bloodbank. (lab on first by sandwich machines, I work on 4th floor, if you take the steps, you have time to eat it before you get there!) We are also told we HAVE to take our lunch, but no one ever seems to be there and cover for us so we can.