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    2 months ago I put in for a day off in June. Our field day was just rescheduled for that day. Bonus!!

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    Quote from WineRN
    I agree with what those above me put BUT our district doesn't allow me to do what you did. I need to get the parents to sign a consent form allowing me to communicate with the doctor. As long as your district doesn't have a similar policy I think you are ok
    I would think the law trumps policy.

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    Quote from iggywench
    I know the feeling! I've been posting all over Facebook about it being National Nurses' Week, and that National School Nurses' Day is May 9th.
    I put the NASN poster on my door. Won't do any good but I just had to. I might put my cap on the skeleton with thoughts of a meme like school nurses waiting for recognition.

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    I don't know how this big glob of home made slime got stuck in my hair.

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    Quote from grammy1
    Don't forget the ever popular, "I stepped in dog poop."
    Fell in goose poop.

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    Quote from LikeTheDeadSea
    I've sent out a lovely "stomachaches after lunch are sometimes just digestion" information email to staff to educate them that stomachaches are not 100% an indicator of vomiting. I was surprised by how many teachers were surprised at this fancy new information.
    I'm at elementary, though
    This! I finally got fed up with kids coming FROM lunch that I had a chat with the aides and found out they were afraid someone MIGHT vomit. Kidsninhale their food and yes get stomachaches. I told them unless someone actually vomits, to stop sending me 20 kids per lunch period. Just stop. 49 days to go.

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    The schedule, for sure. Unlike any other job or profession, there is a start and end to each year with a boat load of time to reset in between. Everyone else drones on endlessly with the requisite 2 week vacation per year if your lucky, with no end in site. I know this from experience lol.

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    It mated with a flea. Now we have flice. It can jump 10' in any direction and stick to whatever it lands on with its hooked feet. I sense a movie coming.

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    And then are you expected to be "the nurse" for everyone at this school sponsored event? Where is the line drawn if the district is paying you as a school nurse attending the event? Just wondering...

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    What everyone else said...also, adding to privacy, students are nosey and don't need to know that Susie or Mike needs a med. Bullying is a big problem. No reason to give them a reason.

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    Yes, prior nurse was there for 15 years and the one before that from the 1950's. Last nurse had ancient pamphlets and triplicate information. I think my vision screener is an original lol. First year was tough, no one ever did electronic charting before or was used to being told no. Found records dating back decades that should've been archived. All good now.

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    Had a kindergartner today take a tumble in gym and insisted her gall bladder fell out.

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    Technically I report to the superintendent but in reality to my principal who is a most excellent boss lady.

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    I don't stock OTC's (except neo, aquaphor etc) and am slowly putting an end to cough drops. I do have standing orders but the parents are required to fill out an OTC form and bring the meds in if they want Tylenol, visine, etc. I have little kiddos so the thought process is I don't want to be the first time kiddo has brand X pain/fever med to find out they are allergic.

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