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    Hey lizzie, I am in my first semester also. These tests are sure different! I had a great "boost camp" before I started and they told us how to take the tests and it sure helped. Check out the websites for your books as they usually have test taking advice. The tests are all geared to help you pass boards as that is how the tests will be. Let's stick together! As far as the "C"...the good news is this... when you pass your boards and have your name tag on in the hospital it will say your name, RN and no one will EVER know what your GPA was!

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    I started taking pre-req's at 35 thinking that I was too old and would have a hard time getting hired. I have since found that my age makes me more mature and a better candidate for hiring as I have more experience in management and also in just life! HR won't pay me any more when I am a new graduate, but they won't discriminate either. YOU GO GIRL! I have several in my class in their late 30's and one in late 50's! A couple in 40's. Many are going into nursing as a 2nd career.
    "If you think you are beaten you are, if you think you dare don't. For Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster (or younger) man, but sooner or later the one who wins is the one who thinks HE CAN!"
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    I am currently in my first semester of an RN program and I wish I had done a CNA course while I was waiting to get into the program. The CNA programs here are only 6 weeks long or less? They are offered by the long term facilities (in California). My current instructor was an IT major and an RN and had a great career with combining both in the hospital IT programs.

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    What great information! Nursing is my 2nd career also. I am currently FINALLY in my first semester of an RN program. Don't be discouraged with the waiting. I highly recommend CNA work in the meantime as the 1st semester is all about skill and this will help take the edge off if you have never worked with patients before. I wish I had done this.