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    I just got home from taking the nclex so I tried the vue trick and it will not allow me to enter any cc information. It shows me the link to click on which test but when I click the link it does nothing. So idk what this means. This makes my 3rd attempt I pray I paased. Congrats to you btw

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    Goodluck to you. I started AUA/CNA at 38 finished PN at 42. Been working on my pre-reqs since 2008 but it wasn't till 2010 that I changed to nursing. Now trying to pass NCLEX PN the 3rd time in November. Move on to the next phase. Who knows how old I'll be before I have RN after my name, oh well we can do this.

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    Quote from dafishman
    Yes, please do.

    I appreciate all the help I have received and comments from everyone, thank you so much!
    Is there anyway I may get a copy. Third time is a charm.

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    So the advisor at OCCC suggest I change major to AA diverse studies, since Im almost there. She says with that I'll be more competitive & gpa will raise. But that means more $$ I have to pay for classes in humanity (2). At Rose State they suggest to retake few classes I got a D in. Idk which way to go. Any suggestions

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    Failed PN nclex twice! Took the test yesterday with 205 questions. I am so devastated when the CC page showed up on PVU. I studied, studied, & studied. I dont get this! I use saunders green book, nurseEd, I answer questions after dang questions. Im just sick & feel like my clock is ticking to get this 2nd career going since im 42 y/o. Dont want to give up but need help.