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  • Jul 19 '11

    We do that on our floor too. Gives you a renewed appreciation for your CNA doesn't it? Would you rather have nearly your full load with total pt. care? If you were the Charge how would you have handled this staffing situation?

  • Jul 11 '11

    Quote from eriksoln
    4. People in general don't get it that when you go to M/S from another unit, it is usually because you are better and getting close to going home. So, you have this patient from the ICU who is used to having a nurse with 2 total patients come to you.
    ICUitis. Other related psychosocial disorders include NICUitis, PICUitis, CVICUitis, BICUities, TICUitis... Primary symptom is overuse of call light. Other symptoms may include inability to independently pull up covers, reach tissues, or change tv channel related to an apparent loss of motor function of the arms.