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  • Jun 4

    UCLA pay is not representative of California as a whole. Pay rate drops the further away from San Francisco that you go. Starting pay is actually lower in San Diego. I started as a new grad in San Diego at $29/hr about 5 years ago. I live/work coastal, so cost of living is quite high. My cousin works heme-onc in Oakland and is making much more than $50/hr... But the cost of living in the bay area is high as well (I went to nursing school in the Bay Area). The reason why pay is so low here is the "sunshine tax"... Weather is lovely, we're close to the beach, we have all the benefits of being on the mainland, so people are willing to give up a lot of pay and deal with a high cost of living to be here. Orange County/Los Angeles pays slightly higher, but you really have to want to be in the thick of the LA culture and lifestyle to want to be there long term.