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    Hey Ilovedk1,
    Thanks for writing back....yeh, nursing school is soooo much information for the brain to take does get rough at times (as you know)...but we'll make it...right? ARe you in an associate's degree program? I am...I have 3 semesters left....we were just getting into the fun stuff...I was working at Charity, but as you know it's closed now because of the's so sad all the stuff going on with this past hurricane...the school is hoping to re-open in Jan. but we will have to go to another hospital.... take care...write back when ya can..

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    Hey truesn!
    Thanks for writing to me....East Jefferson Hospital is about 30 min. away from me....I know everyone appreciates everything everyone has done for us... this place needs so much help!! I start working next week at one of the only 3 hospitals open in the city and am looking forward to it....just CNA stuff....but there are so many people that need so much help around here...I will do all I have been trained to do so a basic student...every little bit helps at this point...I'm grateful to be of any help!
    Take care...luv, anna

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    Hey Jess, Tweety and SmilingBluEyes!
    Thanks for writing back and saying hello...How far are yall in school? There are people from ALL over the place....thats so neat!! I'm in the area of the world where Hurricane Katrina hit, so school is not happening right now...classes are all cancelled and trying to start again in Jan. in different places....if not, I don't know what I'll do about my nursing career....New Orleans looks like a ghost town right now....we were fortunate and still have our home....Thank God!
    Anyway, tell me about yourselves if ya have the chance to write back..
    See ya....mot2x......

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    Just wanted to introduce myself and see whose out there. I'm a first year nursing student and I'm sure I'll have lots of questions to be answered. Would love to meet some new people....see ya!