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    I'm a transplant from central NJ 4 years ago, and I must say I LOVE this state. Think taxes are high here? HA! In a small NJ town with much industry, I pay $4000 for a 60x100 lot tiny house 2 BR 1 BA no garage. I now have a 40 acre hobby farm, but do not get a break on taxes as I don't generate at least $1000 a year from the farm. Still my taxes are less than $1000. I pay 1/3 for car insurance here also. The cost of living here is much lower. But the best thing is the life. The air is so much cleaner, water is drinkable, and one can see the stars at night. Not possible back in NJ. The pay is slightly lower, about $2-3 an hour less. But in NJ I worked at one of the largest hospital corporations in the state. Now I work in a 50 bed rural hospital. It sure does get cold here in winter with lots of snow. But summer isn't as brutal as it is back east. Life is much better here. IMO.