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    Thanks! That was very helpful. I was debating the lactation counselor, thinking that would give me a step up.. but it doesn't seem so after all.

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    I'm hoping to get some input on becoming a lactation consultant. I've been mulling over all the info on the IBLCE website and different online programs available out there, but still a tad lost. Some background on me: I have my ADN and a Bachelors in Psychology. I worked in med-surg for 2 years, homecare med surg (not mom/baby) for 6 years. Since having kids lactation consulting has really called to me. I think that I am most eligible for pathway 2 on the IBLCE website since I can't count any hours at work towards clinical hours. So.. questions:

    1. Anyone recommend a certain online program (there are none in my area - NJ) that they have taken and was good? (, union institute, health -e learning)

    2. Is it worth it to become a lactation counselor in the meantime.. or am I wasting my time? I could take the week long course with healthy children to become a counselor and get 45 CERPS.

    3. For those with a RN background not in mom/baby and needing the clinical hours.. who did you ask to monitor you and how did you go about seeking the help.

    Thanks SO much for any information you can provide