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    I am current ADON in 91 bed facility; I have BSN/RN degree and have been the ADON for about 2 1/2 years; the DON has been there for 27 years and the adm. for over 10; the DON is wonderful, very caring; some days are stressful and other days one of the residents or staff will say or do just a small thing that reminds me why I have actually stuck with long term care. I guess every facility is different, but if you find a good one (like the one I am at) it can be a great experience. I, like probably most ADONs, wear many hats IC nurse, restraint committe chairman, QA, supervisor, problem solver, counselor to the staff, etc. The DON, adm, and MDS nurses and I rotate taking call each week, I work usually close to 40hrs, occasinally more, the DON works 50+. I would say from my experience go for it!

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    I am fairly new ADON at a long term care facility and I am preparing to give my 1st inservice on infection control next week. I would like to find some type of visual aids (such as handout sheets) or info on where to find some type of literature on the internet. Any suggestions or literature would be greatly appreciated. I have had trouble finding things on the internet that don't cost any $$ (I'm on a tight budget).

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    I am fairly new ADON at a long term care facility and I am giving my first inservice on infection control next week. I would love to find some good ideas, teaching tools, handouts, etc. on this topic. I don't have very much of the previous ADONs literature and I really want some visual aids to go along with basic stuff. If anyone has any thoughts or literature I would greatly appreciate it! I have searched the internet and found a few things, but there doesn't seem to be much free stuff (I'm on a tight budget). Please help!