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    What is your specialty? my mother-in-law is the director for the L&D unit at Marshall Medical Center South in Boaz.

    Gadsden Regional Med. Ctr. is a nice hospital. However, it is owned by Triad. Triad's main focus is on the bottom line--not patient safety. On a med surg unit, as a charge nurse, I had up to 10 patients AND 2 LPN's to cover. BUT this was not a nightly thing. Most of the time the patient load was 6 for me as charge and I would have 2 LPNs to cover. And most of the LPNs I worked with were from the old school and rocked!

    Riverview Regional Med. Ctr (Also in Gadsden) , to me, is a clusterf**k. I can't imagine working there unless it was in some strange , special circumstance.
    I presently travel and I am in Birmingham right now and bring home 1000-1400 per week (36 hr week).
    Feel free to email me if you would like to know anything else. I'll do anything I can to find answers for you.

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    On here, I don't know. I sometimes get so overwhelmed with this site. I love it, but there is SOOO much info on here, I tend to get sidetracked really easy.

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    Get the ISBN # for the book you will need and go to and it will find the cheapest price for you. The shipping is rapid as well.
    I went to nursing school at Gadsden State and had no problem finding my books on there and saved alot of money.

    I think I may have bought one book from the school bookstore.