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    I have went to over 3 prep courses did review all prep guides etc etc Yet I always end up in 69% in first attempts. My weakness is Critical thinking, changes in health. I want to focus more on community questions, what resources should I focus on? Also, there is less than a month & I Don't want to lose an attempt to write CRNE! I hope I pass the next time I write..

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    June was more Acute & Oct was more community.
    I am repeating on Feb - which aspect should I focus on?
    I know all CRNE are hard, but I want to be safe! could All RN's
    provide their insight and enlighten me which Exam set is safer?
    I was at the border, lost by 3 questions..

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    I graduated from BSCN from canadian university..
    I love the idea of nursing, I enjoy working with people.. But I don't like bed side nursing, I know many don't either.. I like Business & I would like to merge nursing with business.. What kinda jobs would open up with BSCN & MBA.. Is there anyone here with similar background.. or has suggestions/opinion etc?

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    I graduated from canadian university (BscN) There is CRNE (regulation) here, and only 3 attempts are present. I failed the first time.. I have huge DEBT! I am exploring my options, see which country would let me work? I know, United states need Nclex.. once you pass that you are good to go.. what about other first world countries? Since Third world countries tend to pay very less.. No offense!! I feel the pain..