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The Longest Forty Eight Hours

I was a decent nursing student. I could have studied more, but I did study. I could have been more involved, but I was involved. I loved helping my classmates. I have a decent GPA which is going to...

Why I cannot hate the Affordable Care Act

“Well why didn’t you just get a new inhaler?” I felt a sinking pit in my stomach. I was at a follow up visit to my doctor after ending up in the ER a few weeks before because bronchitis had made my...

Orlando Tragedy - "Why Does It Bother You So Much?"

This past weekend is still something that has struck fear into the core of my community, even though I live on the other side of the country. I'm not going to debate about how it could have been...

To the Nurse Who Held My Hand

Dear Nurse, You didn't know this but several years ago, I was burned out. That I had forgotten why I loved my job for so long. That despite the nurses I was working with being great and...