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    Hi! I just like to ask, What did you wear when you decided to personally inquire about job openings and leave your resume to different facilities? Can you suggest anything especially for this season? Thanks!

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    We're on the same boat, but I don't have any job experience outside my clinical rotations. I passed on September. Never lose hope.

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    I graduated from the Philippines and I'm residing in NY Metropolitan area. I passed NCLEX last September and I still don't have any reply from any job opportuniy that I have applied for. I don't have any working experience outside my clinical roations, though I do have my BLS certification 2 months ago. Any thoughts on how I can kand a job? I also don't have anyone to put on my reference list, I bet that's the problem? I do also consider myself as a New Graduate Level/ Entry Level Nurse, Thanks so much for the help! May God bless our career as a Nurse.