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    Congratulations! I am so happy for you and good luck

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    Quote from Emergent
    Healthcare provided by the government isn't really a constitutional, or God-given right. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't, as a nation, decide that we want to provide it.

    Having people die in the street, having children go without care, letting people starve, I don't really think that's where we want our society to go. We are a civilized nation and an ethical one, for all our flaws. We elect people to represent us, to organize society, to protect the helpless, to provide infrastructure to allow us to work, and recreate. Why can't we also try to improve our healthcare system? It wasn't working well previously.

    Having said that, I am still skeptical about Obamacare. I think there are superior systems out there, that it was put together poorly, and has many many flaws. But, the goals are valid ones.
    I couldn't agree with you more!

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    I have been wondering the same thing. I start my prerequisites at Matc in a few weeks. I figured it was going to take me 3 or 3.5 yrs at matc to get my adn, so why not just take an extra semester or two and get a bsn? I'm just stuck on UWM or Cardinal Stritch??

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    Hello Everyone! I am a current MATC pre-nursing student and I start my prerequisites in January. At 1st I was stuck on getting my ADN then later on down the road get my BSN. But nursing is already competitive and I really want to branch off into community nursing or a public health nurse. A few nurses informed me to even be PHN in SE Wi you have to a bsn and most settings with public/community health require a BSN or a lot of experience.

    On the other hand some have told me to get my ADN first, get some experience, then get BSN because most of the time the employer will all or some of your tuition.

    Now I've heard UWM focuses a lot on community care and they're a lot cheaper than Cardinal Stritch and MSOE. I've also heard that MATC has bad nursing instructors?

    I just want a few opinions or any experiences anyone has had at either school? Should I complete my prerequisites at matc and transfer? Also I work part time at a call center, should I quit and try to get a CNA job? or just focus on school? I'm 25 and I have a 4 yr old daughter, my husband and mom are very supportive.. I'm just wondering should I just focus on school right now?

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    Quote from melizerd
    Well I'm done. I graduated with my ADN last week. I was accepted to uwm, stritch and matc before deciding which to go to because I was worried about being stuck on a waiting list as well. It is my first degree but I'm 31 and married with family etc. I still chose matc because of cost, time and reputation.

    Many of is have interviews and job offers before graduation was even complete. MATC RNs are very well prepared

    I'll be going on for my MSN in the next year or so and then we will see where I go. I think I'd like to teach when I'm tired of the floor.
    Congratulations!! I will be at MATC downtown. I was also thinking about transferring to UW-Milwaukeefor my BSN. I know they focus on community care but I'm interested in community/public health.

    I sure hope when I graduate in 2016 I have a a job offer or two! lol

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    I love it here too! bored? can't sleep? it's my 2nd home and its so reassuring. Allnurses gives me important and valuable info on the good, the bad, the ugly. I'm actually on here more than Facebook or Twitter lol

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    Quote from hope3456
    I have seen ads advertising MA programs (CollegeAmerica) that are claiming to be prereqs for a nursing career - trying to intertwine the two. It is also disturbing that these MA programs thru the "for profit trade schools" cost more than the ADN program at the local CC and MA's get paid like $12?? Yikes.

    This is so true! A local "career college" in my area charges double what you would pay for an ADN for just a certificate or diploma. Plus in my area many MA barely make $12 hourly.

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    Quote from ArtClassRN
    I notice I am seeing more and more posts of new grads with multiple job offers, and the last two students I precepted were hired before they could finish nursing school.

    It seems all the doom and gloom predictions that "the nursing job market is NEVER COMING BACK" were wrong.
    Almost all of the nursing students at my local community college that just graduated this past semester had job offers before graduation, some even had multiple! Majority were at LTC but some were lucky enough to get offers from a few hospitals. Mind you they are ADNs. I sure hope its like this 2016 when I graduate

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    Congratulations!! Your post is so inspirational and I am so excited for you! *hugs*

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    hey I know this thread is 2 yrs old but just wondering how everything worked out for everyone? I am also a MATC student and I plan on petitioning in January to start the technical courses in fall 2014.

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    I will be taking 16 credits this spring. I'm 25 and this is my 1st time in college but I have a 4 yr old daughter and work 20 hours a week at a call center. I hope I can pull this off with my mother and husband's support but boy am I NERVOUS

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    25.. all goes well I will be 29 with my b.s.n