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    [QUOTE=MacNurse]I"m confused here. I'm certain that I did not send you an email Neurochick. I sent an email to the author of the article that is the discussion of this thread through my personal email address and not this site.

    Sorry if you perceived any slight directed towards you. I was calling him (the author) an idiot, not you.[/QUOTE

    Apology accepted. Let's start again.

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    Quote from MacNurse
    Idiot. My email's off. :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire
    I'm sure you've emailed me in error. I have no idea who you are or why you're so angry.

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    Quote from siri
    Hello and Welcome to
    Thanks for the welcome, Iris. Very new to all of this but really excited. Hoping to meet and make friends from around the country. Have a good one!

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    Quote from student4ever
    What's so wrong with a doctorate of nursing? You can get a doctorate of music theory... it just means that you've studied farther than the regular staff/floor nurse. Just as many professors of literature have their doctorates, why should nursing educators not have the same level to ascribe to? I personally like having professors who are PhDs... it means they have a more extensive knowledge base, and have done research work. Why is that not allowed in the medical field? Because the term "doctor" confuses people who deem the term "doctor" to mean physician? It's not like a doctorate of nursing gives an MD degree. I'm all for higher education and an unlimited base of knowledge. Sounds like this author belongs in another century... where women are only teachers or nurses (and by nurses, I mean that they give bed baths, provide comfort care, dress wounds, etc.) and men must be the doctors, the lawyers, the businessmen. Today nurses go far and beyond the basics of nursing and become specialists in their field, become flight nurses and paramedics, do intubations, become nurse practitioners where they see patients, prescribe medications, order lab tests and xrays, and a whole myriad of things the men like this author never imagined they could do. Women are doctors, surgeons, hospital administrators. And there are "just plain nurses." There is nothing wrong with any of these levels - and there should be nothing wrong with offering a doctorate of nursing - not an MD nursing degree... but a doctorate of nursing, to reward those who do research, who work hard to improve nursing as a field, and who dedicate their lives to building a strong group of nurses who will take over when the nurses of today retire.

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    Hi. I am a new member. I signed on because I am starting graduate work :uhoh21: this year. I thought this would be a great way to get many different and great opinions. Glad to be aboard! :hatparty: