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    Quote from taterlaham
    Hello, I am new!! I found this site by accident, but Iam glad I did. I am in my last semester of nursing school and I think I am going to SREAM!!! I have so much going on right now, I know someone out there knows how I feel. Well thanks for listening, just needed to vent.
    I remember being a last year nursing student-a long time ago!! I have been very successful as a RN, and now have a business degree as well. I have been in management for about 10 years. I have experienced so many challenging, fun, interesting, boring and difficult nursing situations. You will too. It is a good sign that you feel like screaming-at least you recognize it. You will do great. I too came across this site by accident. I have been thinking about going into cosmetic surgery-Botox, etc.-big business. Of course that is what to do after you have been doing nursing for a long time. Enjoy experiencing all the challenging, fun, interesting, boring and difficult nursing situations first!!