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  • Aug 5 '10

    First of all I want to say I LOVE ALLNURSES!!! It has been the best resource for me for so many things.

    Sadly, I have noticed in the last year or so that there are more and more negative postings. Some OP’s will post innocent topics and get torn a new one for nothing. Why?

    We should be encouraging one another and not be putting people down. The saying "nurses eat their young"….I once thought it was not true, but I am beginning to think it is.

    I am not trying to pinpoint nurses who have been in the field for many years; however, I have noticed many negative comments come from people who have forgotten what it was like to start out as a nurse. Other comments that are nasty I figure are from people who just have low self esteem and want to tear someone apart to feel better.

    Maybe the economy is just taking a toll on people? Whatever it is I hate to see it. I love Allnurses. I would hate to see it become a negative place where people can’t share their thoughts without the fear of ridicule.

  • Jul 24 '10

    I work the ER...

    ...because the floor sux!

  • Jul 1 '10

    My friend has worked assignments for an agency called Nursecore a few times and has had positive experiences with them.

  • Apr 18 '10

    Quote from loricatus
    I wish I could say I see what you see. Maybe the degrading and attacks are more selective. I rarely post here anymore because of some of the viciousness displayed, together with selective moderation.
    Yea it really makes it hard for you to post about your day or a problem you have without getting personally attacked. It is frustrating. I quit posting for a while, then I came back and it is still the same ole same ole.

    However, that being said, there are some people on here that are very encouraging and supportive. I appreciate you guys more than you know. I hope you know who you are. Unfortunately sometimes it only takes one bad apple to spoil your thread.

  • Apr 18 '10

    I ve began reading these threads back in 2004 and it wasn't this bad(aggressive like) until about 2 years ago. Anybody agree with me it seems to have gotten worse?

  • Apr 18 '10

    Who are these "know it all" nurses that frequent this forum? Are you here just to drive me crazy? I hate that we are no longer allowed to vent about our bad day or complain about annoying patients. Heaven forbid we say something negative or we will be labeled as "heartless" and "unprofessional." Are these people who know everything really nurses? Do they really deal with the public day in and day out like I do?

    Sometimes patients need to be put in their place. That doesn't make me a bad nurse for telling them so. Yes I do have negative thoughts about my non compliant patient who doesn't have insurance and frequents my hospital 4 times a week for the same thing. Yes, getting your prescription filled and taking your medicine would save everyone a lot of time and headache... Whoops maybe I shouldn't have said that... that makes me a "complainer" and "uncaring." I guess I AM "what is wrong with nursing today."

    And heaven forbid I wear my Tom and Jerry scrub top to work.. That makes me "brainless."

    I bet now I will be labeled "cruel" or "harsh" for starting this "hateful" thread.

    Oh and I better not use too many smileys!!


  • Feb 21 '10

    Quote from kicnic
    Having worked for hospice before, I know that this is true. Fever is a natural part of the dying process. If the fever does not seem to be bothering the patient, then it is unecessary to give the suppository. It will only make the patient uncomfortable.
    why would a tylenol suppository make them uncomfortable?
    i agree, it's going to depend on various factors, but the bottom line, fever is uncomfortable.
    if the pt is mostly unconscious, then i give apap supp pr q3-4 hrs.
    i'm sorry, but i disagree just because it's a natural part of dying, doesn't mean it's comfortable.
    there are sev'l "natural" parts of dying, that we intervene with.

    Quote from HollyHobby

    Most importantly, if your patient does not have any loved ones to sit vigil at the bedside, make doing this your top priority. Never leave a dying patient alone, even if you have to ask someone else to sit with him/her while you do other tasks, or ask someone else to do those things for you. No one should ever die alone. Hold his/her hand. Let him/her know it is okay to let go, that you will be there, there is nothing to fear, they are not alone.
    holly, thank you.
    your entire post was considerate and sensitive.
    but as an old, experienced hospice nurse, i have a couple of observations.
    again, temperature (esp high temps) is uncomfortable.
    even when unconscious, one can always see a change in facial tone/expression when the pt is uncomfortable vs "at peace".
    and tylenol or washcloths on the head, under arms, is due.

    but i especially wanted to point out, that your perspective of "never leave a dying patient alone", is not always accurate.
    i've known many pts who chose to die alone.
    my mil was one such person...
    true to her nature, she just would not die.
    her room was filled with her entire family...
    and she was lingering, i'm sure knowing we were all hovering over her.
    i finally suggested we all leave for an hour.
    within 15min she was gone.
    many folks that are like her...
    just something to keep in mind.


  • Feb 6 '10

    Quote from Bortaz, RN
    I'm diabetic and also suffer from constant dry mouth, so gum is a necessity for me. As an adult, however, I AM CAPABLE of chewing it without looking like a freaking cow, and without letting it FALL OUT OF MY MOUTH INTO THE WOUND OF A PATIENT.

    Jesus, people.
    This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where the Junior Mint fell into the guy's abdomen when Kramer and the gang were observing a surgery. I can also say that in my 12 years in the OR, as both tech and nurse, I have never seen anyone drooling or letting their gum fall into a wound..

  • Feb 6 '10

    I chew gum discretely. Tuck it in my cheek when I'm with a pt.

    Actually, I think pretty much everyone in my er chews gum. And we're in Jersey, so if youse got a problem and want to take this conversation outside, let's go.

  • Feb 6 '10

    Anyone who has time to worry about gum chewing has too much time on their hands. Give me a stinkin break. Geeze.

  • Feb 6 '10

    I chew gum at work:

    - It keeps me awake for my 12-14 hour noc shifts
    - It gives me an outlet for stress instead of eating.
    - I NEVER blow bubbles, crack it, chew with mouth open, etc. Yuck!

    to each their own. As long as it doesn't negatively affect me or compromise pt safety, I couldn't care less what other RNs do.

    I have much bigger fish to fry, as one poster already stated. I barely have time to pee or eat, let alone check people for gum.

    Diane, RN

  • Feb 6 '10

    Some people will find anything to complain about.

  • Feb 6 '10

    I chew it, but consciously don't smack it. Cheek it. I think it's better than having halitosis.

  • Feb 4 '10

    I never use an O2 sat to tell me if a patient is said above, sometimes you'll have a very comfortable patient with a horrible O2 sat....and sometimes a very short of breath patient with a great O2 sat. I find that all the O2 sat really does is make the family anxious.....

    Thas being said though, it does play an important role in recertifications. For pulmonary diseases Medicare guidlines require that O2 sat be less than or equal to 88%. So if we want our hospices to get paid in the future I think we will all be using O2 sats to help with pulmonary recerts.....


  • Nov 1 '09

    Quote from Vito Andolini
    OP, you ask why nurses tolerate this stuff. Not to be mean, but why do you tolerate it?

    I tolerate it because I need the money. I'm stuck financially. What about you?

    It's not mean to ask....We all need money....I've got kids in college, a mortgage and bills and have been going to school myself...not a cheap endeavor.

    What I mean is that in my prior career you were given respect for your accomplishments, admired for "making it" with or without a degree and generally treated like a human being. I was downsized otherwise I may never have gone back to my original leaning of becoming a nurse. I never finished my first college degree and was able to work my way up through the ranks to making a good living as a manager. Thanks to off shoring and business consolidation I found myself along with other technical professionals without a job! That was 2002..when GW said there were no whole nursing class and all of the other health classes were made up of people exactly like one else.

    Nursing has opened my eyes to healthcare in a very unpleasant way....coworkers gripe about each other....managers don't mentor....everyone blames nursing for every little thing (budgets to customer service issues) just isn't pleasant.....and NOW THE GENERAL PUBLIC IS BEING ENCOURAGED TO BEAT US TOO!

    Why aren't we presenting a united front in our workplaces, and in the Whitehouse? Someone asked about the newspaper...I have sent letters to not only my local newspaper but major ones like the NY Times! There are so many issues that need to be addressed involving patient safety, what constitutes use of the ER and what expectations should be along with "the good stuff". Not one letter has shown up....believe me it would be all over if it did! I have also written the White House and Oprah!

    APATHY is the enemy....I am so disgusted that I spent time, money, and energy to become a nurse thinking it worthwhile...who would ever remember (except my workers and customers) what I did as a businesswoman....Nursing would leave a legacy of good....while I may touch some.....the toll on me....and now my husband and family is an UNHAPPY ME! I am questioning my decision daily....and feel awful!

    While I am not a Pollyanna, I know what's right.....the things I see done every day are wrong.... treatment of staff is horrendous.....patient care is compromised....and worst of all is that no matter how much is piled on our plate or how much danger we(licenses) and are patients are placed in we just take it....

    I have been tirelessly advocating and people have been happy to have a leader, but I am tired. It's time to stand up and be counted....this is the part I find so distressing....where are the backbones? I keep asking why? My husband says because people just don't give a damn....if that is true....then what a waste.