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  • Mar 19

    Try to do your studying as if you were a teacher having to write test questions. Make actual questions and answer them. This broad approach helps you to organize concepts and start thinking in test mode.

    If you could give some examples of what you find difficult, I'll try to be more specific on what I am referring to.

  • Sep 23 '17

    Don't think the CEN without the experience will help you get the job. Joining the ENA would probably do you better when looking for an ER job because it will demonstrate an genuine interest in that specialty. Try to go to chapter meetings and make your face known. It wouldn't hurt to show up to at the ED where some of those nurses work (the ones that you meet at the chapter meetings) and find the back door approach to landing a job in the ER.

  • Jul 17 '17

    It sure sounds like a mental disorder and should be treated as such. In addition, from what you describe, there seems to be codependence problems there also, which are common when dealing with a mental disorder. Not sure what a nursing home can do for her; but, a psychaitric facility may be of help.