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    I probably would have just taken care of the meds and continued on with my routine. Sometimes things happen to throw the schedule off. If it were someone that chronically couldn't get the meds on time, that would be a different story.

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    I am only working about 10-12 hours a week, but I go in every day M-F, weekends off. The day is cut up a bit, but it's a good thing for me to work every day. Gets me out and with people, plus helps me keep my skills up. It's good for my kids to see mom doing something professionally, too. I spent a lot of years at home and it started to take its toll!

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    The only nurse I remember pumping breast milk would grab her can of soup (I guess that was her lunch break, too) and pump and run into the bathroom. I didn't notice much more than that, but I was a single, clueless person at this time in my life... since I've had and nursed three babies (SAHM), I can't imagine how she did that! Good luck to you, though, I agree that breast milk is a good thing.

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    I had general anesthesia when I had my first C-section, and when I was waking up, I kept asking if my baby was fat. If I said more things, nobody told me. I also remember pleading with the anesthesiologist to take care of me and not let me die, that was just as I was being put under.

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    No, but once I had a colostomy bag empty on my lap. That was horrifying!

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    Thinking back now, most of our clinical assignments were made out the day before the clinical. We were expected to go in the day before and prepare. Down side was that I often lost sleep the night before, worrying about it.
    Sorry you have to go through all of this. Nursing school really is unbelievable. It's not like other areas of study in that things really can be life and death. Of course, nursing instructors can make it worse in that regards, but I guess we are dealing with human lives. Good luck.

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    Quote from luvschoolnursing
    Just gotta get in on this one so I can follow the outcome. I think if we had done that (20 years ago) they would have failed us all. Most of my instructors were EVIL. Wish you the best of luck.
    Nursing school sounds very different now than when I went 28 years ago! The students did not have "power" then. I wouldn't have had the guts then to walk out.
    Wish you the best!

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    You poor thing. Run for your life out of there.

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    How sad for the family. The article says that she had not been diagnosed with diabetes yet. I think that some people are just not that educated or even have much common sense when it comes to health matters. Maybe that was their situation? Still so sad.

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    I think there have always been some patients like the ones you are describing, I know that I took care of that kind of patient twenty years ago! But, I think it has become more pronounced in recent years. Our society has encouraged people to feel entitled, it is an expectation to receive good service. It is exhausting to be the one who is expected to give this perfect service. No wonder nurses want to leave their profession. It's really sad.

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    I'm a diploma grad, but went back to get my BSN. Getting my diploma was an excellent way to get my RN. We received a lot of bedside experience and the confidence that goes with it. I'm happy to have my degree, too.

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    I think watching patients die of lung CA is one of the worst things to see. I'm sorry you are hurting. I wish you peace.

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    It seems to me that I am spending a lot more time documenting and that takes time away from actually caring for my patients. It's frustrating.

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    I started my first job at the hospital where I did my training. I worked on a large, zoo-y med-surg unit and I transferred to another station after a year and a half. I was burnt out, but the change helped. I ended up working for that corporation for 8 years before moving on. Sometimes a change is good.

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    Quote from zoeboboey
    ... and you have to hold onto the bed in order to get UP off the floor after draining a Foley into the urinal...

    Which reminds me of something I just read today:

    The Top 17 Surprises in "Rocky Balboa"

    17> "... and in this corner, wearing the purple Depends...."

    16> Rocky's training drink now a glass of EggBeaters mixed with Metamucil and a Viagra.

    15> His opponent for the big match? Hilary Swank.

    14> Post-conversion to Kabbalah, Rocky replaces "Yo, Adrian!" with "Oy, Adrian!"

    13> Mr. T makes a cameo appearance as a waiter with one single line: "Fool, you want some chicken?"

    12. (deleted)

    11> Cuff and Link are long gone, but Rocky has new turtles named Lame and Sequel.

    10> Heartrending scene in which Rocky breaks his hip climbing into the ring.

    9> After being knocked down for a third time, a frustrated Rocky cries out, "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!"

    8> The waistband on Rocky's boxing shorts almost touches his pecs.

    7> A health-conscious Rocky trains by punching slabs of tofu at Whole Foods.

    6> "Rocky": "Cut my eye!" "Rocky Balboa": "Cut my steak!"

    5> Whenever Rocky gets a bloody nose, his corner man packs his nostrils with Gummi Bears.

    4> Rocky calmly bypasses the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum and drives his Rascal up the access ramp.

    3> Truly gross scene in which Rocky misunderstands the instruction to leave his stool in the corner of the ring.

    2> Taking no chances this time, Rocky gets cornea transplants taken from actual tigers.

    and's Number 1 Surprise in "Rocky Balboa"...

    1> In a scene employing clever symbolism, Rocky trains by punching the carcass of a horse.

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