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    Quote from misschelei
    Agency is not for new nurses! If you want to find out about agency nursing there are plenty of posts here addressing that. This post is about an experience that I had last night that I wanted to share.
    Well, acutually I am not a new nurse. I was an LPN for five years. So the agencies I have spoken with will consider my experience as a LPN and allow me to work. I was just trying to get some input about the experiences of working agency from other nurses before I got into it. Thanks

    Ms. Smith

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    Hello I am a new RN. I was thinking of applying to an agency along with my part time job. I was wondering about the experiences nurses have at the different agency staffed facilities? Is the stress really worth the pay?
    Thanks Ms. Smith

    Quote from misschelei
    I just had to share this..........
    Many agency nurses complain that they always get the worst patient load at certain hospitals. We all know they do it but if we want to stay in the game we play along. When I was staff it was on burn icu and picu so we always gave agency the lighter load to protect our patients. So I've never actually been able to prove that this favoritism goes on until now.
    At the start of my shift I was sitting within earshot of the oncoming and outgoing charges doing report. The outgoing actually said: "One and Two are the worst. One has that family. You can give them to an agency." "That one has been here longer." she added covertly tilting her head toward one of us. To my suprise the oncoming charge replied. "No, I'm not gonna do that. One and Two is too heavy. I'll take One." I was floored!!!! The outgoing got all flustered of course. "Well it's your call." she said. So the charge took One and she assigned Two to another staffer. She gave us agency nurses nice assignments.
    It's just nice to know there are those who put RN safety and quality of care ahead of favoritism.