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    Quote from loriangel14
    I would care for the patient. It's my job.
    Would you care for the patient without proper education/PPE?

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    I believe we just don't know much at this point. For example, why has none of the family contacted it, yet 2 nurses here get it? The family doesn't wear PPE do they? Is it only "some" who get it due to their weak/strong immune system? If it's not airborne, why are they contacting everyone who was on the same plane? I live 2 hours from Dallas and very concerned. Handling the shopping carts take on a whole new meaning to me.

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    I went to DME company. I do education and rarely do any assessments. Pay is about equiv to LVN but who cares I've been doing it for about 4 years and very little stress. More money doesn't mean happy life!

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    My sister turned me on to a really good coconut oil, veggie, protein shake. It's so yummy, filling and healthy. I am losing belly fat.
    bestcoco4u has more info. I do try to walk a few times a week and have added one salad a day to diet, but I really think it's those healthy shakes that are slimming me down.

    Anyone else hear use coconut oil?

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    Quote from caliotter3
    In general, when you walk away from a patient, you walk away from your job. A big consideration in today's employment market.
    At least a job you can walk away from.

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    We have the right as nurses not to take on an assignment/task/procedure if we have not been fully trained and checked off on, or comfortable with. Why? Because we might harm a patient or ourselves with our lack of knowledge and lack of experience. This is no different. There are still unanswered questions. We certainly wouldn't ask a surgeon to perform surgery before knowing what he was doing, and yet we are asking nurses to step into this Ebola care blindly? I don't think so!

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    It was great fun talking politics with you.
    Unfortunately, my home, husband, excercise, and sales have taken a hit..LOL

    I Wish you all the best...

    Hubby has a licensing deal on Wednesday...which means we will hopefully be able to create some jobs...feed some more mouths, and help American's more.

    I'd love to keep talking about how the ozone layer is thinning, and inequality, but I don't believe it's making good use of my time when I could be doing much more for our country.

    Warmest Regards....Jaad

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    Quote from aknottedyarn
    My computer is acting out and will not let me see the video. Is this the same guy that claimed the 1% ar treated like the Jew of WWII in the holocaust? When I read that, the WSJ, of course, I thought, "Godwin's Law".

    WSJ has become as trashy as all the rest of the things Rupert Murdoch touches.

    Those who are rich seem to think we, who have less money are deeply envious of them and try to create and perpetuate some kind of us v them mentality. I have no desire to have great wealth. In some ways I do feel sorry for the man who feels so persecuted. My wealth is in my family and friends. These I love, along with my dog. There is no way I could be miserly when I have so much.
    Although family and friends mean everything to all of us, I am sure glad we have people who are driven to be their best ie., inventors...because family and friends didn't create the wonderful luxuries you and I enjoy on a daily basis.

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    I am glad you two are enjoying your sex life...

    The U.S. government paid around $86 million too much for penis pumps, according to a government watchdog.
    The federal Medicare program covered nearly 474,000 claims between 2006 and 2011 for the vacuum erection systems, a treatment option for erectile dysfunction, Reuters reports.
    The bill: $172 million, according to the report from the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Service. Had the government paid the price regular customers pay for penis pumps, it could have saved $14.4 million a year — or a total of $86.4 million over six years.
    Conservaties pilloried the report, saying the government shouldn’t be in the business of subsidizing erectile dysfunction tools. “To those seniors who really do want one,” Ben Domenici of think tank the Heartland Institute told Reuters, “just buy it yourself – you don’t need to send the bill to your fellow Americans.”
    Penis pumps are just the latest example of wasteful spending in Congress, even as lawmakers grapple over a $1 trillion budget.

    Read more: Penis pumps: Medicare Overpaid for Vacuum Erection System | Penis pumps: Medicare Overpaid for Vacuum Erection System |

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    So let me ask you this. When voter fraud is found. What do you believe the punishment should be whether right or left?
    What is your solution to avoiding it?

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    If I was unemployed, I'd be worried about my own income and not someone else's.

    Obama took 4 million dollars of tax payers money to go on vacation (Dec). If I had no income, talking about his spending still does no good.

    Can Billionaires afford to give the government more? Sure...we need more penis pumps paid by tax payers instead of helping to create jobs.

    You know, when our government can get their act together, perhaps people would build some kind of trust. When our government is corrupt, let's fix that first before we worry about rich people who worked hard to get there.

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    Quote from StNeotser
    I'm an immigrant and I vote.
    Excuse me...illegal

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    Quote from herring_RN
    My husband was born in 1927 delivered by his grandmother, a lay midwife. It was in the South. He never had a birth certificate. The family moved to Chicago when he was little.
    He was able to register to vote in Illinois when he turned 21 in 1927 using Family Bible entries, his school records, and social security card. Proof of residence was a recent utility bill in his name.
    Under the Pennsylvania law he wouldn't have been able to get an ID to vote

    He came to California and got a driver's license using as ID his Illinois license. He registered to vote with his copy of 1947 voter registration and a water and power bill.

    My grandmother was born in 1896 in Texas. No birth certificate. She attended meetings of the Fort Worth Women's Club. They worked with clubs all over the country for women's suffrage. She voted for the first time in 1920.

    My mother was born in 1922 on a kitchen table in Texas. She had no problem registering to vote in Oklahoma when she was a 21 year old newly we to my Daddy, who was stationed there in the Air Force.

    Years later she was able to use the records from the Amarillo church where she was baptized for a passport.

    My dadw born in Canada and came to Chicago at age 5. He became a citizen when he joined the Air Force in 1942. His parents were allowed expedited citizenship because he and his older brother were serving in WWII. The didn't need a birth certificate to become naturalized citizens.
    I can see why you have such a passion, and I appreciate your post, but with all of the requirements today of flying, banking, doctor's offices, I don't see how someone as a US citizen could not have some form of ID. With the fraud that goes on in this country, I would think it's only fair that the system in place to vote would be taken very seriously.

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    Quote from heron
    Exactly ... the voter id laws we are objecting to are engineered to do just exactly what you seem to want - to block the votes of those who might challenge faux-conservative power. Why else decree that a gun permit is valid id but student id is not?

    I agree, there's a real problem in this country ... it's called gaming the system to cut out the competition instead of relying on the strength of your argument. These new voter id laws are right up there with gerrymandered redistricting as prime tactics to do just that.

    Radical faux-conservatives have had their opportunity to convince the citizenry to agree with their notions of trickle-down economics, warmongering and christian fundamentalist social policies and they failed - in 2008 and again in 2012.

    Don't let it come as a shock to you, but it's one citizen, one vote ... these "extra" votes you're talking about are either a radical right fantasy or it's the number of citizens who aren't going to vote the way you want them to. Are you really proposing to disenfranchise those citizens who don't agree with you? Just so the "conservative voice" isn't outnumbered?

    Why am I not surprised?
    I know you love to say Faux...but I have not heard them talk about this thread, nor have I linked a fox quote regarding this topic.

    Obama lovers love to make stuff up...doesn't surprise me!

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    Quote from aknottedyarn
    You have some very good arguments. What worries me (won't worry any liberals of course) is that as we get poorer and sicker, the "equality" means Conservatives will lose their voice, and then we will continue to elect ones who think like Obama, then fail! -Jaad

    I find this to be an interesting observation. The sick and the poor are liberal? Since when?

    If that were true then all of those red states would be blue. They have the most poor, most in poor health, highest obesity, high percent unwed mothers, highest federal money return to state, much above the taxes paid. And they still vote with the GOP. The poor, and sick people vote against their own interests currently. And are rewarded by our federal government.
    Sorry...left out illegal immigrants and felons too.