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    Tampa FL
    $27.63 base + 19% night diff + 25% weekend diff
    3 years RN/BSN
    Med Surg

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    Stumbled across this today for anyone who needs it:

    If you know your VA's station number you can look up the pay scale in the first section or you can look up the state in the section below.

    Grade 01 = Nurse I
    Grade 02 = Nurse II and so on

    Nurse I, Level 2 pay starts at Step 03 and Level 3 starts at Step 05.

    As a new grad with a BSN, I started as a Nurse I, Level 2, Step 05.

    Hope this helps!

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    I had a pt (confused, ankle fx, dialysis, obese) call 911 because she wanted to leave & needed a ride home.

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    Quote from miteacher

    So how did you get hired as a new grad? What area are you in? Is it a special program for new grads? If so, how did ypu find out about it?
    I was hired as part of the RN residency/Transition to Practice program. It gets listed on usajobs like all the rest of the VA jobs. I have absolutely no idea what area I will be in but I'm assuming med/surg. I have 3 days of VA orientation starting on Monday followed by 3 more days of RN orientation. I'm assuming I'll get the remaining juicy details once I met up with the nursing educator next week.

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    USF looks at all college courses completed/attempted when calculating your cumulative GPA. Hope that helps!

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    I was on the VA team & we never had clinicals on Fridays. Plus Fundies was only one clinical day per week. All of the other clinicals were two days per week. Your clinical days will vary based on what hospital team you are placed with. It was highly recommended that we didn't work during the accelerated program but I know a few people who got jobs as patient care techs after they completed the first semester. I personally didn't work at all. The CON was pretty good about notifying you of nursing scholarships as they became available.

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    This was my schedule when I started in May 2011. Be ready for non-stop studying and exams!

    Fundies: Mon & Thu 0800-1045
    Physical Exam & Assessment: Mon & Thu 1100-1215
    Pharmacology: Mon & Thu 1300-1515
    Patho: Mon & Thu 1530-1815
    Fundies lab: Tue 1030-1300
    Fundies clinical: Wed 0700-1700

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    I don't know what floor I'll be on. My friend in Gainesville said that she's on a tele floor most of the time, but she also spends a lot of time floating to other floors as well. I think she's been able to spend about 2 weeks on each floor just to get a feel for the kind of care required for each type of patient. She compared it to being back in school and doing clinicals for med/surg lol.

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    Hiring process is in full swing! I'm scheduled to go in on Tuesday for my physical and fingerprinting. In the meantime, I've completed about a gazillion HR forms, VetPro, and E-QIP. Praying that I'll get to start the residency program by the end of April lol.

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    I spent a good chunk of my life as an Army brat so working at the VA will feel like I'm back at home. I've officially been a civilian for almost 13 years now and I'm still not used to it lol.

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    Good news! I talked to a friend who is in the residency program at another VA. She confirmed that she and another classmate were hired without an interview. She said that she was also given a verbal contingency offer & then scheduled for physical, etc. She said that because it's the new grad program, that the hiring process is slightly different & should only take about 2 months. Knowing that has helped alleviate some stress, but I'll feel much better once I hear back from the recruiter.

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    I wish I would have read through this thread this morning...

    I applied at the VA 1/12/13, received a phone call from the Chief Nursing Educator asking for more info about my references on 2/13/13, & then received a voice mail from the nurse recruiter today stating that I was a finalist for the new grad residency and congratulating me on my strong interview. The problem is that I never interviewed. I called back and was given some details about salary and benefits and that an HR specialist will be calling me no later than tomorrow to schedule a day to come in for the physical, background check, and fingerprinting. I was also lead to believe that the recruiter only had to verify that my license is clean before he put together my official offer letter. Like an idiot, I felt that I already had the job and cancelled my other interviews and withdrew applications that I had pending. AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! I emailed the recruiter for further clarification but I really feel like I jumped the gun on this one. Has anyone actually had a speedy hiring process or been given a contingency offer without an interview?? Am I spazzing out over nothing?

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    I graduated last August & got my license in September.

    Quote from gatornurse2013
    For those of you who applied and are interviewing with Bayfront, when did you graduate and do you already have your Florida license? I'm graduating in May and I don't know when I should start applying.

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    They do hire new grads...I graduated last August and have an interview with them next week.

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    Got the official rejection email the other day. On the good side, I recently interviewed for their new grad internship and met with the director over all of the internships who informed me that they did not hire any new grads for the L&D or NICU programs. They only hired experienced nurses, so I don't feel so bad about being rejected lol.