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    Ok, haven't been posting here because I've been too nervous. But I got my call today and I feel incredible. Good luck to everyone!

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    Hey all...I am 25 years old, a customer service rep for an internet company, and completely bored. I have been thinking for a while of my old goals during high school and college (graduated with a psych BA), about wanted to do important work, yadda yadda. All the ideological stuff young idealists think about. I have become increasingly frustrated with the sit-in-front-of-the-computer-for-8-hours world, and I am very interesting in becoming an RN. I have heard a LOT of horror stories here and elsewhere about the job - anybody here, as a student, have any insight into this career path, from a student perspective? My options are limited due to money, so an accelerated BSN program is what I am going for.