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    He may have Ezema, it often goes hand in hand with asthma. I have it and steroids keep it at bay for me though I just go on a prednisone taper when it is very severe. If you want to discuss it more we can. Thanks and good luck. mhrn

    Originally posted by Cathy RN:
    My brother is an asthmatic and has been all his life. He is now 43yrs old. Two years ago he got fed up with all the meds, the weight gain etc. and right or wrong, he took himself off everything even his steriods which he had been on for years. Only taking lots of Ventolin via MDI's. Anyway he has this terrible itch and his skin is so dry. I thought it might be related to the withdrawl of the steriod but his doctor doesn't think so. Nor has his doctor sent him for any blood work. I'm thinking all kinds of thinks including cancer but he has no weight loss except that that he lost after the steriods were stopped. Our Mom was on lots of meds as well and when she tried to decrease her steriods she suffered from the same rash. Steriods made both feel better but going back on steriods is not something my brother wants to do. As you can imagine he has suffered from this itch for two years rather than go back on the stuff.

    ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE? I can't stand seeing him like this. It is keeping him awake at night and he is continously scratching his body, I know he is suffering.
    What do you think it might be?
    What Blood work/investigations should he ask his Doctor to do?
    Do you think this could be steriod withdrawl? That his body has stopped producing steriods himself due to prolonged steriod use?


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    I have a diploma from a fully accredited nursing school but would like to go on and get my BSN. I have a 5 day old at home and thought it would be better to do it at home via internet but my husband thinks it might not be as good as actually going to a known school.(He doesn't think it will look good on a resume) I figure, fully acredited is fully acredited. What do you think and how can I find some good schools on line? thanks for your help. M.
    P.S. I would like to use work as my clinicals, I work a few nights a week in NICU, Peds.& Mother/Baby