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    Visit and follow nclexhelp on Instagram ��

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    That's the good pop up! It means you passed, congratulations!!!

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    Quote from schnookimz
    Wow sounds like you had an easy time finding a position!!! Is it a hospital job?
    No it's in a nursing home although I applied at several hospitals. The nursing home hires new grad so it's a start to gain more experience to add to my resume

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    If you are going to use only the CD, focus on content and the analysis and application questions. Also the alternate format

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    Keep doing questions and read the rationales! Doing that helped me a lot

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    Yeah definitely space out the qtrainers. I did them three weeks before my test date then focused on the qbanks the last 2 weeks.

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    Quote from MrChicagoRN

    FYI, online primary verification is approved by TJC. that means you are free to seek employment right now. No need to wait for the mail.
    Thank you! Yes, I've already been job searching and applying and fortunately, I had an interview last week and was offered the position when they asked for my license I just told them I was waiting for it to arriv, I just provided my license number and that was it

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    I was told that you can fail one category and still pass the NCLEX. Trick is to stay above passing level for the majority of the test by answering more questions right then wrong. Focus on passing level questions ( analysis and application) when answering questions.

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    So you failed the first time?? What categories were you weak on? Try focusing on those. What other study materials are you using? If you need practice questions just google NCLEX 3500 and click the site.

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    I agree, just keep doing questions. Use the Saunders CD (5th edition is fine) and do those exams questions as well. Keep reading the rationales and make you understand them. Here are a few tips I think you should follow, these helped me pass;

    1. If you come across something you don't understand or are not familiar with , stop and look it it up

    2. When answering questions, make sure you read it carefully and know what it is asking. I often misread questions and ended up picking the wrong answer. This time during NCLEX, I would say I re-read the question 2-3 times to make sure I understood them

    3. Answer as many questions as you can!!! Get used to NCLEX style questions that make you critically think
    4. ASSESS before you implement, unless it is absolutely necessary to take action

    5. Know your lab values. Learn them, love them, remember them

    6. Don't jump into conclusions. Remember there is only one correct answer. Most questions you can already eliminate two of the options. For the other two, remember Maslow, which ones the safest? Which one makes sense? Which is a more global answer?

    7. For meds, it's important to know the nursing considerations such as when to take, what to avoid while taking and adverse reactions. Categories of meds I would advise to focus on more are anti-psychotics, anti-infectives, antihypertensives (diuretics), h2 blockers, MAOIS, anticonvulsants

    8. ANTIDOTES! make sure you know them- for example know that protamine sulfate is given if a pt has a prolonged PTT ( it's the antidote to heparin)

    9. Infection control - know which PPE goes with which, and know the conditions in each category ( I.E- TB is airborne precaution)

    10. POSITIONS- it is important to know which position is appropriate for client - i.e a laboring client with hypotension would need to be turned to her left side)

    11. DEVELOPMENTAL MILESTONES- be familiar with should know that by 2-3 month, an infant is able to lift his/her head

    12. You know more than you think!! all you need to do is apply them during NCLEX. Good luck!=)

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    It's basically a paper that tells you which areas of the exam you were weak on, such as health promotion and maintenance or infection control. It could say you were below the passing standard of that area or near the passing standard. So it's telling you to focus on those areas a little bit more when you study.

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    So I took NCLEX on Tuesday 09/10 and found out that I passed two days later (quick results) and by Friday I received the official letter stating that I passed and how to pay for the license. Sent in the fee by the following Tuesday and on Saturday (21st) my name and license number were posted on the site thought that I would share since I've been hearing that for some people it takes up to three weeks. Hoping I receive my license in the mail soon. Heard it takes about four weeks but we'll see.

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    What type of questions did you have and about how many? SATA? Maths? Pictures?

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    Based of your scores and what Kaplan recommends, you seem ready. My scores were a bit lower than yours and I passed with 76 questions. If you feel you're strong enough on content then I would say you're ready