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    I am so excited because a couple days I found out that there are DNP programs available for midwives!! So, my main question is how is this different from a master's prepared midwife?
    Also, the program at Baylor caught my eye. Does anyone have any experience with this one?? It seems awesome. Thanks!!

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    Does anyone know some good midwifery programs? I am looking in the USA and also Great Britain area. I've looked at the programs ranked on this website:


    If anyone can give a decent opinion/has experience with any programs, I would so appreciate advice! Oh, and I want on-site learning, not online. Thanks!!

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    Hello all! I am currently a in the final year of my BSN program and am thinking of where I should get some experience before I go to grad school. I am interested in becoming a Perinatal/Women's Health Nurse Practitioner/Midwife. Any ideas of what kind of floor I should start out on? Also, does anyone know if the NP is changing from a Masters to a Doctorate? And any other suggestions for NP stuff would be so appreciated as well!