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    Quote from Immortal_us
    Hey guys

    Thank you for all the prayers. I want to say for anyone that doubt suzanne's program don't trust her when she says it is 100% full proof as long as you stick to the program

    I PASSED I did it

    Jesus Is Lord

    Now I can go out and celebrate:biere: :biere:
    [FONT="Century Gothic"] :smiley_aa CONGRATS to the New RN :smiley_aa

    [FONT="Century Gothic"]And Yes,
    Let HIS Will be done...

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    We are color-coded by department: OR/PACU wears Ceil Blue, ICU/Stepdown-Royal Blue, OB-White, ED-Navy Blue, Med-Surg Maroon. This dress code isn't in the hospital rule book, but if you even try to wear a coordinating print top you'll be sent home. Also, we don't get a uniform allowance or even access to discounted scrubs. I really wish I was told about the dress code before I took the job because I have a lot of scrubs just collecting dust in my closet.

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    I graduated last May with a BSN and my salary is $39,000/ $19.00 per hour before taxes (there is a no overtime policy in my hospital). I don't consider that a very good salary. The hospital just hired 4 experienced nurses (all with over 6 years experience in critical care) for $24.00/hour-still not a decent salary. Whether the salary is good or not really does depend on the area of the country you are working at.
    And, my housing payment runs around $1500.00 per month, utilities are around $350.00/, not much of a cost of living argument can be made for the low salaries in Texas

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    Quote from tampabaylpn2rn
    hope this is the right forum for this.

    what is the chief danger in giving an im injection in the wrong area of the buttock?

    1. poor absorption
    2. formation of an abscess secondary to fecal contamination
    3. damage to the sciatic nerve or penetration of a large blood vessel4. damage to underlying bony tissue.

    next question: is o.u. both eyes??

    and are intradermal injections most often adminstered for substances for skin tests? yes or no? (eg ppd test)

    thank you for helping me take this test!!

    just trying to think picture how #2 above would go down :imbar

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    Richardson Regional is also looking for Med-Surg nurses w/ experience. The pay for new grads is the Dallas/Collin County area is $19.00-$19.50 per hour (regardless if BSN or ASN); so I suspect that with your experience, you'd get about $20.50-$21.00/hr--Don't know if you consider that good pay or not?

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    Quote from cammy429
    Thank you both for all your advice. Overall though would you say that you are happy being a nurse in Dallas?

    Is there anyone that's been a nurse in another state that can compare it to working in Dallas?

    I have heard that some hospitals don't offer benefits is that true?

    Do Nurses often get mandated to do overtime?

    can someone briefly tell me about Group One, I have been looking for the previous post but been unable to find it

    Thanks again
    Re: Group One- Found this on the bottom of page 3 of this forum ( and there's another one just below this one)

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    Quote from multicollinarity
    Do you think it is wise for people with Down's syndrome, the developmentally disabled and the severely mentally ill to be sterilized?
    Does this sound familiar:
    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [used in the grammatical correct way to indicate humankind] are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that AMONG these are....." Interesting reading if you continue to read on to the next few paragraphs

    Basically, all people, now matter how seemingly lesser of a human being they appear to be, have an inherent dignity. Writings on Mother Theresa illustrate the concept perfectly & transcend all this contextual relevance BS going on here.

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    Quote from kriso
    We recently discovered a memo in the house supervisor's office from administration that clearly instructs the house sup.'s to work the floor short (no agency) if an employee calls in sick. I work med-surg. I guess they think the nurse's peer pressure will prevent unnecessary call-in's. This doesn't seem right or safe to me. I was thinking of the legalities of this and what would happen if there were a sentinel event (not to mention increased back injuries, nursing burn-out, patient satisfaction, med errors, etc...)?

    Ever seen a memo like this?
    Seen it posted in our Nurse Manager's office at an Oak Cliff/Dallas Teaching Hospital, lived it and left it... [Mind you this is still going on] Also included in the memo is no pay for OT (that meant NO PAY AT ALL) if having to stay past shift, even if there was no one to give report to & mandatory volunteering to work through the unpaid 1/2 hr meal break. If you complained that no pay for work is "illegal," you were written up as "not being a team player" during the hospital's financial deficit that' s occurring because of the building of a new hospital in another part of the metroplex (management was saying it was due to all the free charity care it had to give and left out the part that it was building a new hospital). My favorite cost cutting measures were the one bandaid limit per patient per shift and the encouragement to reuse the alcohol packets until they dried out naturally If there were any "unfortunate events" that resulted from this, the nurse is responsible for it because there are a group of cronies to verify whatever management wants to say/lie about.

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    Had exactly what you describe a few years ago, with the same medical dx I wouldn't accept. Turned out to be my thyroid. After insisting on a thyroid panel, doc called me once the results were received & immediatly put me on inderal. My heart rate stabilized, which made the anxiety go away-if you get my drift. Please, get a T3, T4 & TSH ASAP and research the various thyroid related websites to see if you can relate to some of the sx. PM me if you'd like to discuss this further. Hope all goes well for you. Good Luck!

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    Quote from snakeman
    I am getting ready to move to Plano and I am looking to continue my education but cant find any LVN to RN programs around there! Any help will be greatly appreciated!
    I know that TWU has one, with a campus in Dallas. Also, if you don't mind the drive-UTA (I don't recommend UTA since I recently finished their BSN program. The school's nursing program along with many of the faculty is really "messed up") Another option you can explore is Collin County Community College (; but, I don't know if they have what you're looking for. LOL to you.

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    Any other INtP's-& what exactly is this saying about me???