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    Thank you all for replying to my post. You guys make a lot of good points. I actually got transferred to a SICU unit for my preceptorship which I think is a plus. Depending on how my preceptorship goes, I will try to get into the ICU as soon possible after I pass my boards. If that doesn't happen, I actually wouldn't mind doing a year or so of med/surg to get some experience. First priority though is to get through this last semester, do the best that I can in the SICU and pass the boards.

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    I just started my final semester of nursing school. Assuming things go as they should, graduation is slated for mid-December. Getting a position in the ICU has been my goal since I started my accelerated 2nd degree program last year. What can I do to bolster my resume/ability to land an ICU position right out of school?

    Fortune has it that I got a preceptorship at a prominent hospital in Manhattan on the PACU unit. I plan on studying for and getting my ACLS/PALS before I graduate. I am a peer tutor and the treasurer of the National Student Nurse Association chapter at my school.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.