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    Anyone complete the RN-to-BSN program at Ohio University?

    I understand the 30 resident credits but what is the "at least 50 percent of the major (Area of Concentration) must be completed through OHIO."???

    I was hoping to transfer in everything except the nursing core classes. Anyone have any insight on this?


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    I don't think my cholesterol levels are any concern to the school. I can understand the titers and tb test, the hospital I work at hit me up for all of that.

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    Quote from ramonl

    flu shot must be done between Sept 1 and Oct 31. Must have documentation in by Nov 1st.

    must have titers for rubella, rubeola, mumps...

    hep b must have two shots prior to first clinical placement

    need health history and physical within 6 months of start date, including tb test

    tdap after 2005 , must provide proof prior to start of program

    must have cpr prior to start and maintain throughout

    health insurance

    liability insurance is highly recommended but not required

    10 panel drug screen
    What do they mean by "Health history and physical"?

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    Just got my letter. "We are pleased to offer you..."

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    Quote from a.carolina
    I'm going to create a Facebook page for us
    I thought about doing the same

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    I just hope to start in August (3.9294 and 90).

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    Quote from kuvzooheej
    Does everyone who applied for the program this year have the "NURS.AS Nursing Associate of Applied Science" listed under the "My Program Plan" in their Academic Profile on WebAdvisor?

    I wonder if this means anything.... xD!

    Mine said that after I submitted back in January with an anticipated graduation date of 2016.
    This waiting is nerve-wrecking. I think I will need therapy from going crazy

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    Quote from melmobes
    If anyone calls up there again please let us know what they say
    I'm sure they are tired of people

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    Quote from amandahath
    I can't wait to just know. I am going to go straight out pay the fee and find out my rank. Then I am going to look for all white shoes and a new backpack.
    It would be nice if we knew what books are needed so we can start gathering those.

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    Quote from ermom01
    I received my letter yesterday! Got all excited until I saw it was just an informational piece of mail. But at least I know I've made it this far! I have a 4.0 with 94 on the HESI, hoping to get into an early class! I'm so excited I can hardly concentrate on anything else. This means the world to me! Good luck to everyone! Looking forward to meeting you!
    I think we found the first-place holder. I'm hoping to start in August with a 3.9294 and a 90 on the HESI. I wish I knew how many people were applying. I remember about 1/2 of the people taking the HESI when I was said they were doing it for practice and weren't applying yet. Hopefully, everyone will get a chance

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    Well, my application hit the mail today. Does anyone know if they sent a receipt letter when they get it or just the accept/decline letter?
    The good news is that when I was taking the HESI, it seems that about half were only taking it as a "practice". If that's the case, there should be fewer numbers--which means more accepted.

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    Quote from kuvzooheej
    After this semester, if I get an A in both class (fingers crossed!) then my GPA should be around a 3.7 as well. And then there is the HESI. I'm a little worried because I glanced over the vocabulary and grammar sections and I can't tell you how much it worries me. English is definitely not a strong subject for me so they'll probably be my most focused sections.

    It would be great to have a few of us tackling the HESI together and share some tips/advice.
    English is my worse subject too. Maybe some tips or tricks would help.
    Still not sure what to expect on Monday's "quiz".

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    Maybe we all need to have a big study session before the HESI. I think I'll be taking it earlier than most (Dec 4th).

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    Quote from kuvzooheej
    My intro class started today and I can definitely see it being challenging as I was already feeling a little overwhelmed with a lot of information, xD! But I think I'll be fine, I just have to stay focused.

    @EdParker, I think you're in my class with -----------------. You were sitting towards the back?
    Yep, I was sitting in the back row

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    Quote from Rosanna P.
    Good luck on your new adventure! I loved the Intro class. I had -------- a nurse practitioner, who taught the class. It was a really easy class. I got around 114% final grade. Just need to memorize some dates and names. You'll do just fine!
    Do you still have the intro book? If so, which version and can I borrow them for a few months? ;-)