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    Quote from sckooshy1
    I am a student too in California. I hope that is true! If anything, once I get my A.S. degree, I will go for B.S. and if all goes well, I'll continue until I am a Nurse Practitioner. I hear they make a TON! But I will start with the A.S. degree to get me started. I am so determined! I want the finer things damnit!
    Wish you all the best

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    I am currently in the Uk doing my nursing training. I am thinking of working somewhere in the US but i don't actually know the right State to go to. All what we want is a better pay check. UK salary is nothing compared to the States. You work very hard and take very lillte back home. RN get about 18.000 per year

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    Quote from jsteine1
    Hello, Helen:
    Regarding the essay you are working on about Decubiti and Dementia. First educate yourself on both subjects. I know at the moment you may think they are not all that related, but they are. Consider how dementia can affect of the ability to react to discomfort by repositioning if they can,how it limits mobility and judgement, the anxiety and agitation associated, how dementia patients nutrition is often affected by their behaviors and swallowing issues, concurrent illnesses affecting appetite,staff reaction and sometimes fear of a combative dementia patient. Study the stages of dementia( there are 6) and their characteristics and how those changes could affect, by extension, skin integrity. The patient with dementia may feel pain and not be able to express it. The nursing implications are huge.
    Then the reverse, take a look at the causes, physiological impact and treatments for decubitus ulcers. The staffing aspects play a role here as well.
    You will quickly start to see the powerful correlation and the development of your essay will flow. Best of luck!

    thanks very much for your help. It will definately help me a lot. I've atleast got an idea on how to go about it and what to write. Thanks again and i will let you know how it went.

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    hello everyone. i am a first year student and i have an assignment to do, i don't know where to start. i have been asked to write an essay of about 3500words about dementia and pressure sores. all in one essay. i don't know if there is anyone out there who can help me with an idea on what to write. i won't mine getting the feedback through my personal meesage here on this site. i will really appreaciate it if somebody can help me.
    thanks a million times.

    i took the liberty of editiing your post. e-mail addresses are not permitted, as this site is also googled by spammers from all over the world. anyone can contact you thru the personal/rpivate message system that we have here on site, or on this thread...........suzanne