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    I've been working for 7 months also && 10 of the 12 days a month that I work, I cry after my shift. I dread going into work. Everything that you do is wrong. If you put the patient safety & care first, than you don't have enough hours in a shift to get what administration wants (not needs) done && get written up. If you get written up 3 times, you lose your job. If you do all the repetitive charting & attempt grant all the unrealistic wishes of administration, then you take time away spent with patients. Patients now complain to administration that they don't see the nurse enough. There is seriously no winning. No one is ever satisfied. I just get frustrated because I know I am busting my butt 100% && really caring for the patients to find out, I care about them more than the patient care about themselves.

    I seriously drove myself into depression & anxiety from nursing. It is taking a toll on my physical, mental, and social being. I spent thousands of dollars on a degree to do something I am being driven to hate. In my 10 years of working, no job has made me so miserable and so worthless. My family told me to go see a psychiatrist. I've been giving Xanax. Yup, totally normal to have to take drugs just to tolerate a job.