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    I wished you worked with me. Thank you for standing up to the double standard.
    Like an obidient dog, nurses have been trained to allow the abuse. "I be nurse, kick me, I not bite back." I am sure we could find justicfication for this person's rudeness, that is because nursing remains in the dark-ages when it comes to conduct, and we can rationalize any problem away. I am sure you will hear about this although.

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    Originally posted by shodobe:
    No problem. Someone has to take care of the patients left behind. Does the striking nurses think the patient's family will come in and care for them?I think not.Now if this was a bunch of striking truckers and there was a chance I might get my butt kicked, I might think twice. There has not been a nurse yet that scared me. I can take care of myself and the patients they leave behind.
    I feel pitty for you. Look at what you just printed. There is something there that scares me You are hiding behind the veil of self-sacrificing, being the noble martyr. Your ideas are in the right place, but your approach is not. Are you the unit bully? I think so.

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    Welcome fellow road worrior. I am based in a small to medium size hospital. I will be glad to chat. By the way I am the agency's pedi. and MCH visit nurse.

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    Originally posted by woodyRN:
    As I initially said, Thanks for ALL of the responses. Anyone following can see a variety of approaches to this question. Although it may seem trivial to some of you, it is just part of the negative work environment we are facing daily. As to the dread OSHA/JCAHO, I wonder what their actual stance is. With certain exceptions, they rarely dictate exact policy an institution must adopt to comply with a standard.

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    Hello woody,
    I just happened to come across your message. I must say there have been alot of response(s). to your post. I'm lucky I guess because, I can eat anywhere I like. Because I make home visits. I can eat by the lake, the park anywhere, if I get 10 min. to rub together to eat at all. Most of the time I eat behind the wheel of my car. I'm also have logs, charts and contacts to make during these 10 min. to. No Problem. Open containers, food, drinks, whatever I can have them all at my desk, the dash of my road buggy.

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    Thanks cargal for the great url, . I have been doing research for a class project on this topic. I feel it is a current issue for professional nurses. I have been exposed to this behavior almost on a daily basis and see it spread among the other employees.

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    Carmen, it looks like everyone says go for it. I must say your peers are behind you. I'm in school and I was doing some research right now for a class when I came across your message. I want you to know that I have been at it now for four years, at six credits per semester. Next fall I will need to take nine credits so I can graduate in December. The university that I attend has a very high credit need to get my BSN. The first year I thought I was going to cry/die whatever! You see, I work full time, have my own home and farm with horses etc. and grade school age child. I'm ave. a 3.5 grade. No deans' list. But I'm doing it. I have given up alot. My child hates it!!!!!
    I want this BSN because I believe that it will make a big difference in my near future. So before you jump, write down why you want this. Then when you want to give up, you can bring it out and remind yourself why you are doing this to yourself. GOOD LUCK.