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    Hi all,

    I'm coming to you in desperation. I'm looking for a one day per week preceptorship starting this fall and I am having no luck. I'm preferably looking for women's health hours in the northern L.A. county area, but at this point I'm not picky. My specialty is Adult and Geriatric Primary Care, so as long as it's not pediatrics, I'm interested. I only need 150 hours, which comes down to approximately one day per week. However, if I do not find a preceptorship, I'm going to find myself auditing classes I've already taken and kissing the 300+ hours I've already done goodbye. So please, anyone, if you know someone who would be willing to take a student one day a week in the L.A. area, please let me know! I'm a quick learner and a very hard worker. Think of it as free labor!

    Thanks so much!


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    LabValues+, The Sanford Antimicrobial Guide, Qx Calculator (free!), Brainscape for creating flashcards (also free!). Also, Google Chrome so that I can look up stuff on (free) and UpToDate (free through my school but generally not free). Plus, with Google Chrome you get the added benefit of synching bookmarks and open tabs on other devices.

    I'm also old school and carry around a copy of Maxwell Quick Medical Reference. Between that and my phone, I don't need any other reference materials.

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    I'm currently a student NP, and during clinical I carry my stethoscope, a penlight, a reflex hammer, and a small measuring tape. I also always carry a 4-color pen, a highlighter, a small notebook, my iPhone (there are some AMAZING apps out there. I cannot recommend Epocrates enough. The Sanford Guide and QxCalculate are also great.), and the Maxwell Quick Medical Reference, which is the best $8 I have spent in nursing school.

    For actual studying, I would highly recommend getting a subscription to UpToDate. It's expensive, but it has been absolutely invaluable both in class and in clinical.

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    As one of the people who went back to school to become a nurse, I think you should change your major if you're SURE you want to be a nurse. The reason is financial aid. You can get far better financial aid if you're still doing your initial undergrad degree. If you're trying to obtain your second bachelor's degree, you'll be able to get a very limited amount of federal loans, and you'll have to finish the rest with private loans, which can be stingy and difficult to pay back. You also won't be eligible for any grants, and there are very few scholarships for ABSN students.

    If you're sure you want to be a nurse, don't graduate. Change majors and finish that way, even if it takes you six years to get that initial degree.

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    I'm going to be graduating as an Adult-Geri NP in May 2014, and I'm trying to figure out this whole job hunt thing. When I search for new grad positions, the website continually pops up. It's one of the few sites that says "New Grads Welcome!" which is nice, but it looks like a site that was built using geocities. Is a legit website? Has anyone found a job using this website?