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    Nursing, for the most part, has been rewarding for me. I work in a physical rehab where nurses need to take extra time to allow patients to do for themselves. Unfortunatley, like many of the complaints I have reviewed, while understaffed, it is near impossible to accomplish this task. We have many "acute" clients in our facility. Our facility would rather work us short staffed than allow us to have temps to assist us. Yet, they brag on how much money they saved and the CEOs receive big bucks. Sadly to say, many factory jobs around here provide pay and bennefits comparable to what most of us make. That is sad. If the nursing profession is on a shortage again, you'd think they would compensate us for busting our backsides. I lose many nights sleep over not being able to properly care for my patients due to the conditions I am placed under. I do not mind doing aid work, as long as it does not interfere with my other tasks. I prefer to keep busy than not to. By giving a shower or bath, I can properly do a full skin assessment, which is important in these days of frequent skin breakdowns and lawsuits. To me, anyone that thinks they are too good to do "aid" work is worthless. We are unconditionally responsible for our patients well being, no matter what. I refuse to let a patient lay in excriment if an aid is busy with another patient! An aid is only one person, I make up the difference with MY patients! I am not a trouble maker by any means, I just do what I can to make a difference. My most valuable lesson I have learned is to work together. When you help, everyone else will(or hopefully will, I ran across many non-team players). When there is no teamwork, the whole system fails! I am almost to the point of leaving the nursing profession due to all the bull crap! I would rather stack boxes for the same wage I make currently than to be in charge of people's lives! I even scored in the top of our ACLS class, but at our facility, we are not able to initiate without a DRs presence. I even put in a transfer to a higher paid position in our facility. I was told that it is nice to know that there is talent on then floor. I am bragged upon by my supervisors and DON, yet when I apply for a position that I am more than qualified for, I am turned down.
    Thanks for taking the time to let me vent!!!