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    Since this wasn't an assignment for school I thought I would post here. I'm sorry if you felt like I wasn't doing my own homework. I am a volunteer in the OR and they recently had a meeting about finding a simple way to get constructive feedback from the OR doctors regarding the performance of additional staff during each case. I was hoping that someone might have found or created a tool that they had found useful already. I'm sorry if it sounded like I wasn't doing my own work, that wasn't the intention at all.

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    Hello! I am a nursing student and have been given the task of developing a quick survey tool to give to doctors after a surgical case is complete to evaluate the RNs performance before, during, and after the procedure. Does anyone have a tool they are currently using that works well? Do you have a suggestion as to where to look for such an evaluation tool? I have been searching some but figure there's no reason to reinvent the wheel if someone has something that is working well. Thank you so much!!