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    I am a clinical coordinator for robotic surgery. My team is really wanting to go somewhere for additional education. I know there is a great one in Baltimore at the end of the month, but think will be pushing it to get it approved. Anyone know of any other trainings/educational opportunities anywhere to take circulators, scrubs and assistants??

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    Hello, We use computerized charting in HSM, and we currently do not document the lot # from the grounding pads. The question has been raised, and we can not find evidence based practice on this, or the standard of care. I know that it use to always be documented, but due to tech advances, and the new pads and bovie machines used, documenting the lot # didn't seem to be necessary because the machine alerts when there is an issue with the pad. Does anyone know what is the best practice or if this is necessary anymore? Does anyone have references for this or where we can find some information on this to make educated decision? It is not stated clearly in the AORN standards. Any help would be great!