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    Hi! I notice from the replies posted that most of you seem to be from the USA so I thought you might appreciate a scottish opinion.
    We've only recently become computerised and our unit is the pilot for what is known as the "clinical module".When it started, we got loads of support from our IT dept, but this has now significantly reduced. I think in principal computers are a good idea. Nurses are excellent at what we do,however,we're not so good at documenting all aspects of our care; so from this perspective it gives quality assurance and the recognition we deserve.
    However, from a practical point of view, I think it's a nightmare! Where before I could check a fluid balance or vital signs at a glance, now I have to log on, find the correct screen, find my patient, find the care plan, highlight the relevant part and finally the info is available. If I want a 24hr total, however, this is a different screen again so I need to come out and find the correct one again.
    To change directions for care it's as time consuming as the above.
    I find I load a lot of data retrospectively as it takes too long and is often impractical to load it immediately after giving care. Another bug-bear is the fact that at certain times of the day, the system seems to be on a go slow and it takes AGES to load on your data.
    We have 2 main PC's at the nurses station and 4 laptops. Each laptop covers a 6 bedded area, so maybe we need more hardware.......I think more nurses would be a better idea!
    Does any area employ staff specifically to load on the data? We suggested this but were told that as you are accountable for your own practice, you had to take responsibility for documenting your care; another idea good in theory, but useless in practice!
    Enjoyed the rant....!

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    Does anyone out there have problems using flamazine? I find it causes serious maceration, can lead to overgranulation, can increase ithch and is uncomfortable to apply (kids frequently complain about the "chill factor")

    Anyone any thoughts or information...?

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    Does anyone have any information on recovery from burns complicated by measles?