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    I have six years of experience as an OR nurse. I work at a 7 room OR in a major city. We had 2 heart nurses and both of them left for varies reasons. I am good at what I do and enjoy it. I can do any kind of cases that we have at our hospital. I am a strong nurse and that is the main reason my boss has chosen me and another employee to be the new heart nurses. The truth is that I never had any desire to be a heart nurse. I have not been properly trained and it is all on the job training. My boss is trying to have us shadow at an another facility but they have been slow with their own heart case load. So far it's been us two during the cases which average one a week for the last month. I want to hear from any nurses who are or have been heart nurses. I am learning fast but would like some tips to make my transition go smoother than it is. I have done research on line but would that doesn't compare to real life experiences. I am willing to accept the challenge and to grow as a nurse. Thanks for any advice.