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    Quote from RMBnAZ
    Looking for advise...I'm 39 and I'm considering going to a 2-year private college for a nursing degree beginning in March. I'm a customer service manager making $65,000+ a year - but, my position is being eliminated and I will be unemployed in the next 30 days - but, receiving severance pay through Sept 07. I don't have a passion for customer service management (kind of "grew up" in the environment and ended up here) and often wanted/thought of pursuing nursing in my "younger days". My RN education is expected to cost approximately $40,000 (student loans). Is that a fair amount for tuition? I don't think there is anything but nursing that I would love as a career and still be able to make a decent living. Any thoughts, feedback, advice, etc would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for reading!
    If you hear 'the call' then do so.
    You're still young to start a career in nursing.
    Good luck!

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    Quote from zenman
    I was in my back yard one evening with a nice fat possum on the grill. I heard a noise and looked up to see a spacecraft directly above me. In an instant, I was transported into a dimly lit area equipped with strange equipment. Then a 3 ft tall being with a single eye in the center of his neck...or what I though was a neck, kicked me in the shins. As I jerked my leg up out of the way, several of the little critters pushed me back on an exam table. The next few hours were a blur as I went in and out of consciousness. Before I knew what was happening I was graduating from nursing school. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
    :roll Hahahahah That's funny!
    My story? Simple..... I wanted to make my Grandfather proud + the fact that I was from a line of nurses & midwives! I also wanted to make a difference in my own little way.:angel2:

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    Quote from irmaRN
    what a sad day... one of the nurses i work with died today of a brain aneurysm. she was only 41 and leaves 2 children behind.. please pray for her family as they cope with their loss... i cried a lot today... we just went shopping last week... she was a great nurse...
    Sorry for your loss.

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    I currently am contracted to rotate between day & night.
    I don't like nights much as there are less nurses and can be a nightmare. Then again, there are days when you feel the same way about day shifts.
    I am properly awful in the mornings but function well and also do the same for night shifts. For me, both shifts have their own advantages + disadvantages. Day shifts can serve as revision for dealing with the social side of nursing ie. making all those referrals which you don't really get to do on nights.
    My body functions better on day shifts.
    Perhaps try to rotate between the day & nights? See which one works better for you.
    Good luck.

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    I agree with NurseHobbit! Some people's lives are just so empty that they just have to excite it by aggravating someone else's. Unfortunately, this happens where I work now. We have been merged into one ward ( Male & female ) and there is this one nurse who 'spies' on other nurses and e-mails everything to our ward manager.
    Her motive for @**e kissing? Empty life and wanting to go up the 'professional ladder'. It is our profession that has taught me to bite back!
    I now go to work, do my job 110%, talk to my colleagues ( patients & relatives too, of course ) who interest me and ignore everyone else. Does it sound mean being like this? It gets you out of trouble and maybe even gets you out of the ' gossip ' circle of the ward.

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    Quote from purplegrape
    I am a 1st semester nursing student doing my clinical rotation on an ortho/neuro unit. I am looking for advice on how to chose a specialty after graduation. I know I'll have several more clinical experiences, but I won't even come close to seeing all that nursing has to offer. I've asked my instructors and they tell me "you just know." I'm anal and want something more to go off of than my gut. I want to get a nurse intern position after this semester and would like it to be heading in the direction of my future specialty. Thanx!!!!

    Hello. When your instructor say; you just know. Well, I must agree with him/her. I finished my training donkeys years ago and the first 18months was of a wide variety of specialties. I changed my mind so many times in my head what I'd like to specialize on. When you do your training on a certain specialty and it's yours.... you'll know. In the mean time, enjoy all variety.

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    Quote from Barb101
    A nurse allways checks the toilet after each visit to see if body functions are normal for both exit routes
    So So true!!

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    Has anyone mentioned..... IV chocolates & lots of it, +/- other forms for other routes !?

    ( I did see chocolate spray :spin: )

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    Quote from casey12873
    Hi, everyone! I just wanted to share this little joke a family member told me the other day.

    There were 3 people walking on the beach. They came upon a jeanie's lamp and were granted one wish each.

    The first person said, "Make me the smartest person in the world!" Poof! The jeanie made her a family doctor.

    The second person saw this and was amazed. She said, "Make me 50% smarter than her!" Poof! The jeanie made her into one of the most brilliant, finest surgeons on Earth.

    Now, the third person was watching both of her friends as they made their wishes. She said, "I want to be 100% smarter than both of them!" Poof! The jeanie turned her into a nurse!

    Hope this little story makes you smile as big as I did and feel just as proud as me to be a nurse. Have a blessed day, everyone!
    Awwww..... :angel2:

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    Quote from muffie
    wig. pulled out her hair because school was so stressful. so she tried some relaxation therapies...
    ... then George ( as in Clooney ) came in scrubs to give her a once over to decide what to do with her.
    Then he discovered.....

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    Quote from scaredofshots
    I am a student and I use humor to get me through clinicals. Once I told a patient "This is my first time giving an injection on a real live person." At the time it was very funny! The look on his face and my instructors was priceless!! I was curious what other things people have said or say to patients to break the ice. :spin:

    enguin: Good for you! Nurses without a good sense of humour are usually quite scary to me. When I was on my final placement as a student nurse ( donkey's years ago! ), I worked with this fantastic and very comical Nurse and it made such a difference to the whole working environment. Nice for other nurses and more importantly, to the patients. Laughter is such a good therapy that requires no prescription.

    I usually say to patients;
    * This won't hurt..... ME much! I say this when I have to do anything uncomfortable.
    * Don't worry, I'll leave you some left.... when I'm extracting blood.
    * Don't worry.... it's music to our ears... when patient's get embarrassed after passing wind.

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    chocolates and a general 'thank you' cards to all are always welcome and nice but i have personal faves. i used to work in the private part of a london hospital and i received these personalised 'thank you' letters and cards from patients. i still prefer those than chocolates! and i'm a bit of a chocoholic! they last longer and puts a smile on one's face and they're always good reminders of 'why we've all become nurses'.

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    all of the above reasons. more so now that the nhs is in crisis and very chaotic. no-one seem to care anymore ( it feels very much like this where i work ). has anyone ever notices that nurses are so often used as an emotional/stress/anger punch bags? by that i mean that when people have a bad day.... ie. sisters/management and even b***dy porters feel they can verbally abuse us! hence the fact that i am now trying to complete a course on graphic design and when succeed in doing so, i can work part time as a nurse and work from home being creative.
    i still love being a nurse but there are days when you just leave work in tears coz of lack of support.

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    Quote from banditrn
    The first time I had to clean BM, I thought I'd die, but I have to say that after all these years, very little bothers me - except those people who bathe in perfume or aftershave.
    As long as I have gloves on, I feel invincible.
    Me too! Give me double gloves and a pinny, I'm good. I can handle blood, other juices that the body produces ( LOL I'm rhyming here! Haha )
    I can handle 'em all .... except thick greeny plugs of phlegm!! Yuk! See? I can't even spell it!! Is that how you spell it? Ewwwww.

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    Quote from rachele_01
    I wanted to say hello to everyone! I am a 23, Married, with 2 wonderful children. I have been at home with my kids ever since I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I am wanting to go back to school to become a nurse, I would really like to work in the Maternity Ward, it has always been a dream. If anyone has any tips for me I would greatly appreciate them. Nice to meet everyone!

    ~Rachele :typing
    Hello back & :groupwelcome:
    As for becoming a nurse: Good luck and enjoy the training when you start it.
    I enjoyed mine when I started training and I'm sure you will too. In the first few years of your training, they will give you different experiences in different clinical settings. So you may even change your mind when you get there.
    All the best.