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    Ok when i first started out community college i wasn't really smart and wouldn't really try and get C's. I wanted to become an elementary school teacher. Then i changed my mind and chose to become a nurse but i was so close to getting a basic associates. i talked to the counselor at my community college and she said that if i took four more classes i could get my associates in biology and maybe from there transfer and get a bachelors of science in nursing, until now that had been my plan. Alot of people asked me why i didn't just get my ADN in the first place but i just wasn't sure of what to become until 2 years later when i was so close to getting an associates. So i was thinking of transferring to a university this fall but thought i could wait until may to sign up (i don't have many friends and am the first in my family to graduate college) so i had no idea you had to apply months in advance. I was too late in march when i started looking into the universities so i decided to stay another semester(this next fall) at my community college and re-take some classes i got C's on. The thing is i never really thought about the $ since in my community college my aid has been able to cover my classes and books. Now i'm rethinking everything. I don't know whether to get my Associates Degree in Nursing(even though i just graduated with my associates in biology 2 days ago) because i'm afraid that after 4 yrs i won't get hired because of lack of experience and i'm afraid i won't be able to afford it(didn't think of it until now) and there's also the chance of me not getting accepted because of all the C's(Low GPA). I don't know whether to go for my bachelors and try to get loans and aids or just get my associates and then bachelors. I'm at a cross roads right now because the deadline for applying for the associates in my community college in june 1st and i need to take the hesi and have all these documents and vaccines in by then, but i could also wait another semester and apply after. But i just feel like it would be a huge waste of time after getting my associates in biology. AH! i just feel lost, don't know what the best thing to do is.What do you guys think? In your experience as a nurse(or student ect) what would be some advice you'd give me?