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    I have worked in the field for 7 years and Love every minute of it...... Sometime it is good to start from the bottom then you understand what it is to do that job when you are handing out responsibilities when your the RN... I learned everything I could I have done billing and coding, MA, front desk, CNA, ECG, and so fourth. Learn everything you can, the more you know the more you are worth in $$$$$$ I am telling you everyone will want you.... Good Luck....

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    You can take some practice test's online that would give you some incite into what to expect. Really its all hands on most of the time. Medical terminology will help you also, that is what they will use a lot. With working in a mental health facility, I have worked for both clear brook and little city out of Chicago, and they train you on the job once you are done with their training you are then certified thru the state. Not sure about all states but that is what I have experienced.... Very rewarding career I loved every minute and every one of my residents..... Good Luck

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    Good for you, you are young and I wish I did what you are doing at your age... Anyways, if you think that you can do it challenge the CNA exam. If you are in Pre-nursing then you have the skills, just watch online to see what they need. IF and I am saying IF you think you can do the skills portion then just pay to take the exam. But make sure you know how to do all the skills because you don't know what they will give you till that day. I am challenging mine right now so it is possible.... Good Luck.