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    Firt and foremost, I wanted to introduce myself. I've read many threads here, but I've never actually registered until today! My name is Joseph, I'm currently a High School senior, and I'll be taking Pre-Reqs for an Associate's Degree in Nursing at Daytona State College this Fall (2013). I want to attend UCF afterwards to earn my BSN. I'm really excited about my career choice, and figured that it would be wise to join allnurses for any questions I had... after all, who better to answer questions about nursing than nurses themselves, right?

    I've taken a plethora of classes applicable to healthcare field, all at Honors+ level... including Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Personal Fitness, Health Science I and II, as well as a class in Emergency Medical Response (I hope to soon be a nationally registered EMR soon - I've taken and passed the psychomotor portion of the NREMT test, and I'll be taking the cognitive sometime this month along with my classmates). I graduate June 1st, and, want to do something part-time that related to the medical field while I attend college... though I'm not sure what my best option is. I've considered becoming a CNA, but I've also spoken to my EMR teacher, who is a paramedic, and he suggested that I become a Medical Assistant, phlebotomist, or even an LPN... and, I'm unsure how to become any of them and still study to be an RN.

    I have much more research to do, but I figured I would ask what some of you would suggest I do, and how I would do it. Whatever it may be, I want to become a part of the medical field while I study for my ADN/BSN, and any advice I receive will be very much appreciated.