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    I can relate to the burnout and stress on the floor. I was so burned out and having co-workers that were miserable did not make it better. I was so burnt i decided to get into medical device education and sales. It was a nice change and allowed me to grow in different ways. My sales and communication skills allowed me to connect with different levels of clinical and administrative teams in the hospital. I started to learn the issues started not only high in the hospital, but also from mandates from federal government. All of this has caused shifts in care and direction of how we get paid. Management needs to communicate what is really going on on how to adapt to it.

    Nurses do not realize the amount of respect they can get from physicians, especially when we are saving their bacon in a crisis situation. Many times i feel nurses do not communicate how they feel in a good way. We need to start working on how we can help change this. I am doing a project on this very subject. Instead of talking about the problem, how can we focus on the solution?

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    What do you think the solution is for helping nurses be happier?

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    I would really like to hear what and how you taught your team. Could we connect via email? My email address is:

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    I have been a RN for some time and it always amazes me how some nurses can be so unprofessional, caddy and miserable. One would think that members of profession who care for others physically, emotionally and spiritually; would behave in a way that is kind and supportive. I think that nurses who a miserable should not work in this field any longer. Why are some nurses not happy?

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    Thank you for your replies. I have been trying to do some market research on this subject. Here is a summary of some of the feedback I have received in other forums. Feel free to add more...

    I understand that nursing and healthcare is changing so much. Based on some of the feedback I received, it seems there are many problems that can effect nursing job satisfaction and nursing performance. It seems like there is not much time to care for patients. Poor job satisfaction to occur more in places where management is not demonstrating the best leadership. I agree that each nurse is responsible for her/his attitude on the unit. In spite of weak leadership (changing healthcare, finances), nurses must take responsibility for being the change they want to see and have a good attitude. The magic question is... How can a nurse do this?

    I am trying to do some research on the problem and the solution.

    So far the problems are:

    1. High Patient Assignments
    2. Weak-Ineffective Leadership focusing on budgets.
    3. Overworked Tired Nurse
    4. New younger generation of nurses having challenges
    5. Being Surrounded by Grumpy miserable nurses, which effect you on the floors or units
    6. Too much non nursing responsibility
    7. Difficult families, patients MDs, etc


    1. Stand up and verbalize the challenges together.
    2. Get active in the unit and politically
    3. Be responsible for your own attitude.
    4. Do not be afraid to communicate with leadership

    These problems with job satisfaction can lead to bullying, sick calls, turnover

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    I am doing some research on this and trying to find ways to help nurses find happiness and job satisfaction in the midst of some of the challenges in healthcare and the nursing field. Can you explain the battle between remaining humble and standing up for yourself?

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    I understand the meaning of powerlessness, and things that are not in control of the nurse. What do you mean by being perpetuated by nurses themselves?

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    I have a question regarding nurse job satisfaction. I have worked in many areas of nursing and have found that nurses seem more overworked, less happy and looking for something new. What is the reason nurses may not be happy with their job or at work?