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    Quote from Stephalump
    The only way I recommend going to Lonestar is if you have a hospital job or plan on getting one during school. People who work as techs have job offers lined up. People who don't are jobless unless they know someone on the inside. I'm sure they'll find jobs, but they probably won't be in a hospital.
    That is great advice, thank you...that was something I had been thinking about. Good to know others do this.

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    To any past Lonestar ADN graduates...I am currently pre-nursing within the Lonestar system, taking all of the pre-req's to apply to the program. Ultimately my goal would be to earn my BSN. My question is, to those that have been through and graduated from the ADN program, how hard was it to find a job afterwards? Since I am still about a year away from applying to the program ( I work full-time and doing my pre-req's part-time) I am trying to decide whether it is better to get all of the pre-req's out of the way that Lonestar does not require, but a BSN program would, then apply to the ADN program and go straight to an RN-BSN program after graduation, or, if it's easy enough to find a job in our area with your ADN, I could work, and go back to Lonestar for the BSN pre-req's like English 1302, History, etc. and once those are out of the way then apply to an RN-BSN program. Any thoughts? What would you suggest based on your experience going through the Lonestar program?