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    Working in a smaller hospital will increase you chances of working in OB. This area is often considered the plumb of all units and in larger hospitals the wait will be a long one indeed. Most facilities don't hire new grads for OB, but there are always exceptions to that rule. Because of the autonomy in the OB department, managers usually want nurses with a minimum of one year's experience in med-surg nursing to sharpen the assessment skills. One very possible way to circumvent this requirement is to seek employment as a nursery tech or extern during semester breaks while you're in school. This is sometimes enough to get your foot in the door especially in a smaller hospital.
    Congrats on your choice of nursing specialties. Where else could you go to work every day and witness a miricle?The opportunities for teaching are endless and in most cases , the work load is lighter. Good luck!

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    Our OB department is presenting a proposal
    to administration to become a closed unit.
    We would appreciate any input from anyone with experience of this kind....How did you cover shortages in staffing, etc.

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    Since early this year, my hospital has been experiencing financial difficulties. Because of this, nursing staff and benefits were drastically cut. These cuts have caused many problems . Patient satisfaction is at an all time low;morale is at an all time low;med errors are higher than ever documented ; and absenteeism has increased