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    I take almost all calls for my unit, but other units call and say "I see you are working 12 hours tonight on your unit, but we need you here until then". It's not my unit and that would mean 16-20 hours? I understand saying no, I'm just confused as to why they expect techs to work that kind of shift, and if PRNs normally do those kinds of shifts for them to expect me to.

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    I have been at my current tech job for a year, and I'm in NS. I love my job, but the other techs call in so much, that I feel like I am constantly getting calls. I would have full time hours if I was physically able to make it every call. On top of that, I had applied to another unit at the same time as this job, and they turned me down. Now, that unit is calling me wanting me to work hours there? They have even called at around 5 pm wanting me to work 7p-7a; not enough warning to rewind the day and get sleep to prepare. This other unit also calls just about every weekend. If I have clinical, they ask if I can come in after, meaning I'm awake 24+ hours. I feel run down, but I don't want to turn down a lot of shifts and be considered "unreliable". I thought I would be working two days a week tops. Is this typical in PRN?