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    thanks all, its not like I take the medication without a script or to give me energy, In fact, it makes me sleepy as heck most times. thanks again.

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    Let me first say thank you so very much for this forum, its invaluable and I greatly appreciate it. I am a 39 year old pre nursing student and was diagnosed with ADHD ( finally!) by a doctor just over a year ago. With encouragement,medication and a plan I feel amazing and in control. I have also talked with her at length about career goals ( being in business for a very long time) and we both circled back to helping me realize my dream of being in health care- nursing is still achievable and to go for it. Specifically it was suggested that possibly OR or ER nursing- but I am open to anything and everything when the times comes.

    To circle to my current question- my medical dr has me on adderall and its like a light bulb moment, I cannot explain the weight off my shoulders, the clarity and I hate to use this word - focus- it has helped me achieve ( a long with other hard work regarding working on my ADHD management).

    Today: someone who used to be a nurse in the military, suggested that I will not be allowed to start nursing school ( accepted?) because of taking adderall and that ADHD and nursing do not mix well.

    A medical doctor has scribed me this medication under a long year of coming to this diagnoses. It is not something that was done lightly. However, I am not a total dunce, I have another bachelors degree AND a masters degree ( non science) under my belt pre ADHD diagnosis.

    I feel a bit deflated and wanted to get anyone else who has an opinion on ADHD + nursing? My doctor is also married to a ER doctor who is chief of staff locally, she "knows" her doctor and healthcare personalities so I trust her.. She hasn't mentioned this would be a hindrance and instead has taught me to use and work with the ADHD. Frankly, I enjoy being a controlled ADHD gal It can be quite handy in some situations ( hyper focus).

    I don't see her for sometime but I feel so deflated today, mixed with equal parts embarrassment ( it was obvious this neighbor doesn't believe in ADHD possibly). and Just reaching out, not even sure what I am asking for here, but I wanted to see if anyone has started a nursing career as a ADHD person and has anything positive to share.

    Most kind regards