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    I wonder would it be okay for student nurses to call each other baby nurses or even nurse for encouragement to get through the program.. For example, if one of my friends are lacking motivation I might say, "Dnt give up, we need you Nurse!" I think tht helps students to remember what we're working towards!

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    You may want to consider practicing your interview skills.. You have to be able to sell yourself and make them believe your the best fit for the job.! Hth

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    As a CNA, I had a dream of one of my residents who passed away.. In the dream, I went to check on her and she was hiding under the covers. I went to pull the covers off of her and she jumped up from the covers and started hovering over me and chased me down the hall. I don't really remember what happened after that, but I remember waking up terrified.As a nursing student, I had a nightmare that I was trapped in one of my patients brain and was going through each structure of her brain.. I remember loud noises telling me I had to get to the pons part of the brain, and I was in the cerebellum.! Lol.. I have really weird dreams.!!

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    So whats the update? Do you like Bryant and Stratton's program? Im considering it strongly and would like your opinion! Thanks!!